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Overview of YHCM Sdn Bhd

Information Technology is a foundation of every business. As the technologies changes rapidly, our company managed services and always cater to different customers, depending on their needs, with the aim to provide affordable, secure, ease-of-mind, management of IT services.

We act as a trusted computer services support to our clients; helping them on delivering IT services such as preventive and corrective maintenance plan and systems development. These strategies help reduce the cost and complexity in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of mission-critical information systems.

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Overview of KEYSIGHT Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer fiction. It is quickly becoming a reality. By the year 2020, an estimated 20 billion devices – or almost 3 times the number of people in the world – will be connected and communicating with each other. These devices, which range from normal everyday things like home appliances and the things we wear, to cars, healthcare equipment and industrial machines, will be embedded with technology so that they can connect wirelessly to the network, transmit and receive data, and interact with each other.

This growth brings tremendous opportunities, especially to IoT device designers and manufacturers. Imagine a host of devices that need to be IoT-enabled with RF modules and chipsets, batteries, sensors, antennas, etc.!

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Overview of Tekmark Sdn Bhd

Today, Tekmark has more than 10 offices across the ASEAN region, with regional head office situated in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to deliver unparalleled service and attention to our valued customers, wherever they may be. Among other complimentary agencies, Tekmark Group takes pride in being Keysight and IXIA’s Authorised Technology Partner for Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and the Philippines.

The Group also provides Asset Managed Services, Calibration and Repair, System Integration for Medical Industry and Industry 4.0 Solution (Smart Factory, Industrial Automation, Cyber Security and Internet of Things Enablement).

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Overview of CLL Systems Sdn Bhd

After the Internet of Things (IoT) has been introduced in recent years, the IoT has been boosted and implemented in a number of various industry sectors, such as, Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Lighting, Smart Factory and Smart Energy Management Systems. CLL System as an ICT technologies company that would like to invent into vertical domains that are converged in the IoT to provide new levels of functionalities and services to users.

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Overview of I4 Revolution Sdn Bhd

Software Partner. IoT cloud solutions, IoT platform, IoT dashboard, IoT analytics and many more.

Overview of AAPV Resources

As technology advances, it helps to improve the quality of our daily lives. Management, operation and maintenance services has better control and monitoring of the daily business operation with the application and utilization of the Information Technology services.

We are committed to be our client’s trusted partner to improve their management system and daily operation/maintenance services with effective state of the art technologies, within budget, cost effectiveness, value for money, safety consciousness and reliability solutions.

Overview of Kaize Invent

Kaize Invent is a company focuses on Industrial 4.0 technologies. We operate as a system integration. Kaize work closely with technologies frontier partners on IoT for our client. Promoting IoT Technologies to the market and integrate the existing system to bring tremendous value to the user such that they operate at their optimum level.

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